Fashion designer Maria Tāgalou was born in Athens, Greece, EU. She was raised in an environment full of drawings and colours (both her parents are painters), something that had a great influence on her and urged her at a very young age to express her innate artistic tendencies and to broaden her horizons. Painting became rapidly an integral part of her life. However, Maria started exploring the fashion design at the age of eight years old, something that indicates her special ability. It was at this age when Maria’s first contact with fashion took place, when, inspired by painting books and magazines, she grabbed her crayons and created her first colourful drawings. As the years passed by, this very first contact evolved to be a choice of life. Believing that the acquisition of a broader education in art is a necessary requirement to become a fashion designer, she attended classes of free design and color in the Free Studies Workshop “Sarasitis  and Beltekos”. Knowing at this point what she wanted to do, she started her studies at  the “Veloudaki Fashion School”, and as she was absolutely focused on her goals, she graduated with full marks. After graduating she was fortunate enough to do her practice in Vasilis Zoulia’s atelier, which was a priceless experience since it helped Maria to enter  a more professional stage regarding the coordination and the detailed work which is needed for a well sewed cloth.


Simultaneously with her studies, she got involved in theatre, which always fascinates and inspires her. So, she worked at the “Topos Allou” theatre for 2 years (2009-2011) as a set designer/costume designer assistant for Mika Panagou, in the play “Endgame” by Samuel Beckett, in the “Nora… after”, a play based on Henrik Ipsen’s “A Doll’s House”, as well as in children’s plays. The first play,the costumes of which were  entirely designed by Maria, was the “The Spectacle” by John Clancy which was directed by Basilis Katsikonouris in 2013.


Maria had the pleasure to see her creations displayed in the following exhibitions: ” City Fashion & Fusion” at City Link,” Boxing Days” and ”Flowering”  in the Hotel Athens Plaza. All three exhibitions were edited by Iris Kritikou. A jewel, designed by Maria  was exhibited at the Benaki’s Museum in the exhibition “Mentis” while the basic creation of her first exhibition was exhibited at the “Golden Wishes” exhibition edited by Michael Romanos.


Her creations met with  great acceptance and appreciation which were also cited in various publications such as in  ” PRESS IN FASHION” magazine of Canada, in “SEVEN” magazine of New York which was edited by Dimitris Strepkos  and in on line magazines such as ” KNEON’ ‘,” CHASSUER”,” VOGUE IT”, as well as in the newspaper  “ FREE THEME ” , ” ESPRESSO” and ”TV BOX”.


In 2012 Maria undertook the styling (using her creations) of the video clip ” I want to stay here” by the singer Kim. For the video clip she cooperated with the director Vangelis Tsaousopoulos, and with the company Sony BMG music entertainment.


The colours, wefts, fabrics and the other materials she was getting in touch with, motivated her to deal with the creation of jewelry and accessories which are fully expressed by the baroque style of her clothes, because each one of them is a unique explosion of imagination.The first famous singer ,who was photographed for amita MOTION, was Melina of ‘’VEGAS’’ wearing a handmade and hair band which came from Maria’s second collection.Her jewelry is for sale at the Benaki’s museum, in Kolonaki at the “gallery Astrolavos” as well as in the ”Underground Fashionistas”.


Her first contact with the catwalk took place when she participated in the 14th ATHENS FASHION WEEK ”NEXT GENERATON’’ with her thesis. Later she continued in October 2011 her first full collection at ATHENS EXCLUSIVE DESIGNERS WEEK with the subject “PASSION” and  in March 2013 her collection “surreal fairytale creatures” with the actress/singer Vanessa Adamopoulou as a guest , her collection won the “Mercedes Benz” award .As a result Maria was given the opportunity to attend the fashion show in Berlin and come into contact with potential buyers.


Maria also had the honor to offer  her designs to the television show of ANT1 tv “Your Face Sounds Familiar” and her creations were worn by  Thomais  Apergi , Mando and Silvia Delikoura.


Painting, music, cinema and especially the theatre have been sources of inspiration as her clothes might look like theatrical costumes. An inquiring mind with artistic pursuits at a very young age, a low-profile personality dedicated to her  work, Maria loves challenges, good aesthetics,  luxury and bright colours therefore perceives  the human body as a canvas, on which, as she says, she can create a piece of art.


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